Natura Asphalt: main characteristics

Natura asphalt is a perfect alternative to traditional bituminous pavements, whenever the environmental and landscape impact requires specific chromatic choices. It is used, therefore, in streets and squares of historical city centers, cycle or pedestrian paths; it is also used as urban designs in prestigious areas, and any time you have some obligations of the Fine Arts Superintendency to respect. Moreover, it can be employed in the entrances of private villas and buildings, as also in parks and gardens driveways.

Main advantages

  • It allows creating different granulometric curves with round and broken aggregates of various colors
  • A smooth surface which can withstand even heavy loads
  • Mechanical characteristics equal or superior to those of traditional bituminous pavements
  • It allows realizing draining pavements
  • Non-slip walkable surface
  • Absence of superficial joints

Natura Asphalt: types, colors and sizes

Natura Asphalt can be laid both on a concrete base or a traditional pavement, suitably resized for its final purpose. You can have three colors: Rosato, Porfido and Terre Toscane. The use of transparent resins makes the color of the pavement change within six months of its initial laying.

Natura asphalt: how the color changes over the time

On the left, newly laid Rosato asphalt, on the right, Rosato asphalt after six months.

Natura Asphalt: road sections

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Road section for driveways and bike paths

Road section for driveways, squares and light roads

Road section for heavy roads