Production of aggregates and aggregates recycling

Del Debbio Spa’s historical activity has always been the production of bituminous conglomerates.
Over the years, with the use of “modified” bitumens, besides traditional asphalts, the group started to produce also sound-absorbing conglomerates, draining and draining-sound-absorbing asphalts, and natural pigment.
In response to an increasing need for an efficient system for recovering and recycling inert materials – coming from excavations, demolitions, construction waste, etc. – the Group decided to create in Marlia (Lucca), R.O.S.E. Plant for recycled aggregates. (link to the R.O.S.E. section)
This recycling activity allows all the operators in the sector to count on legal guarantees in the waste disposal process and allows Municipalities to manage successfully inert material dumps.