A cutting-edge vehicle fleet and machinery, expert and trained staff, collaborations and consultations with professional experts are also very important who offer global assistance during the design phase and testing; those are the resources Del Debbio S.p.A can count on.

Vehicle fleet

Crawler excavators, wheeled and tracked shovels, skid steer loaders, and mini-excavators, pavers, compressor rollers, milling machines and motor graders, flatbed trucks with and without cranes, semi-trailers, trailers, road tractors, vans, minibuses, box trucks, engine-driven welders, floor saw, compressors, electric generators, welders, cranes, forklifts, emulsion tanks, sweepers and star screeners: with over 120 units, Del Debbio Spa owns one of the most varied and supplied fleet.
The company policy requires regular updating of any single vehicle and of the used technologies to guarantee efficiency and cutting-edge performances. For the same reason, operators are regularly trained by machine manufactures.


The company employs nearly 100 people, including managers, technical and administrative employees, foremen and workers.
Collaborations and consultations with professional experts are also very important; they offer global assistance in case of problems concerning design and testing.

Technological Devices: Dynatest Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD)

Thanks to its manageability, Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) is extremely useful to perform in situ measurements: from the determination of bearing capacity, stiffness of the substrates and mixed granular aggregate base, to the analysis of bound asphalt layers in the first stages of aging. Only one person is needed to run the test; the equipment can work under adverse weather conditions and in difficult to access areas, like in excavation trenches. Site locations can be captured through GPS (Geographic Positioning System), enabling the presentation of data in maps or general plans of the site.

Technological Devices: Bomag Asphalt Manager

Bomag Asphalt Manager is the intelligent regulation system that manages the available potential according to the real necessities, always providing the maximum compaction power possible.
For this purpose, the entire eccentric group, including the oscillating masses, is oriented in the direction of travel. The compaction force is automatically oriented more vertically or more horizontally, depending on the ease in compacting the material.
The thickness of the layer and the stability of the substrate are additional important factors for compaction. Moreover, the automatic system prevents the drum from leaping, causing excessive conglomerate compaction. The compaction trend is indicated with a reference value, through the ASPHALT MANAGER integrated measurement technique.