About Us

Del Debbio Spa has been an important business group in Tuscany and all over the country for more than fifty years. It stands out in large-scale urbanization, public works, civil and industrial construction. Water and sewage pipelines, demolitions, consolidation of civil works, viability, urgent interventions, and extraordinary maintenance are only some of the activities we can perform promptly and always respecting safety and environment.
Thanks to a large amount of equipment we dispose of (plants, a wide range machinery), our knowhow and professional competence, we can operate effectively in many different areas, always guaranteeing a high-quality global service.
We always aim to succeed in going beyond our clients’ expectations, always achieving their complete satisfaction.

Our History

For over 50 years, the pillar of Del Debbio Spa has been the solid spirit of a family-run company, combined with an advanced and forward-looking entrepreneurial vision. It was 1967 when Mario del Debbio s.n.c. was created, merging five individual companies: those of brothers Giovanni, Mario and Fernando and their cousins Renzo and Olivo. Ten years later, in 1977, its structure was changed into a joint-stock company, giving birth to its current name: Del Debbio Spa.

The five founding partners were all truck-drivers; they began their activity in Marlia, a hamlet on river Serchio, with a processing plant for inert materials, obtained from excavations in the riverbed.
Later on, they acquired a plant for the production of bituminous conglomerates, which allowed them to start working also in the road sector.
Over the years, the company has extended its activity to civil and industrial construction as also to major public and private works.
In 1974, Del Debbio family established Cave Pedogna Spa, one of the most important quarries of certified inert materials in the area, which provides the group with a sure and constant supply of those raw materials used in concrete, asphalt, and foundations.

Due to the increasing difficulties in finding non-renewable (or long-term renewable) raw materials, to extraction, production and processing costs, and to environmental problems in finding and managing demolition waste landfills, in 1995 Del Debbio Spa expanded again its business, setting up in Marlia the first fixed plant for recycling inert materials in Tuscany.
In the same year, it took over and reactivated another plant for the production of bituminous conglomerates in Ponte all’ Ania, on river Serchio; that’s the plant that produces “Natura” conglomerate, an alternative to traditional bituminous flooring, aimed to solve landscape and environmental impact problems.

In 2002 the company decided to implement a quality management system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, to keep satisfying the clients’ expectations but, at the same time, to comply with all the law regulations.
In 2008, well aware of its role and responsibilities within the economic and social community, the company provided itself with a social responsibility system according to the SA 8000 Certification standard.
In 2010 it undertook a strategy aimed to promote the culture of environmental respect and sustainable development growth, adopting an environmental management system complying with international UNI EN ISO 14001 requirements.
In 2011 the company proved its constant commitment in terms of safety in the workplace, obtaining the OHSAS 18001 certification.
In April 2016, the Group created Serchio Pali Srl, a company specialized in special foundations.
Last but not least, Del Debbio Spa controls Centro Commerciale Valfreddana s.r.l., a building supply center that also performs service functions for companies.


Finished in 2001, Del Debbio Spa headquarters are situated in S. Marco – Lucca (Via del Brennero, 1040 / M), on an area of over 13,000 square meters. They include a three-story building that houses the management and administrative offices, a warehouse of raw materials, a storage shed for vehicles and equipment and a mechanical workshop for maintenance and repair, a series of canopies, wide green spaces, and a vast private subterranean parking.


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Delfin Srl

Delfin Srl is the Group’s holding company.

Cave Pedogna Spa

Cave Pedogna is a joint-stock company – founded by Del Debbio family with founding member Vittorio Lumini – working in the extractive industry since 1974. Its materials being used in the realization of concretes, asphalt and foundations, it is one of the most important inert material certified quarries in Tuscany.

Interventi Territoriali Lucchesi Srl

Interventi Territoriali Lucchesi Srl, based in Lucca, it’s the group development company.

Del Debbio Spa

For over half a century, Del Debbio Spa has been working in Tuscany, works on the territory, standing out in large-scale urbanization and civil and industrial construction works, providing a complete high-quality service that respects safety and environment.

A reference point for Lucca and its area, Valfreddana Shopping Center is a building supply center, selling both wholesale and retail. It also supplies electrical and hydraulic equipment, hardware, garden, and DIY items.

Serchio Pali Srl is the most recent company of the Group, founded in April 2016 together with Pennacchio family. It works exclusively on special foundations. Equipped with any kind of machinery and tools, from drilling machines to compressors, from mini-excavators and mini-skis to the hydraulic control unit for tensioning tie rods and hydraulic jacks for load tests, the company is also CQOP SOA certified, Qualified Builders Public Works.