Organic farming: a love choice between man and country

In Pieve Santo Stefano, on the hills surrounding Lucca, Del Debbio owns Tommasino Farm, a 44-hectare estate – among woods, meadows, an orchard but above all vineyards and olive groves – where high-quality organic wine and oil are produced and sold.
A sustainable choice of the company, in respect of the love bond that has always tied people to the countryside and its fruits; a choice that also respects the culture of Lucca peasant tradition, which has been able to keep its ancient know-how intact, handing it down from father to son but developing it with the use of modern and functional technologies.
This is the reason why production, raw materials processing, and bottling still take place on-site, according to the traditional methods. The decision to move definitively from conventional to organic farming was taken on December 31st, 2001, but six years had to pass to have wine and oil production certified as “organic” for the first time.

Podere Tommasino: the products

Filo - Extra Virgin Olive Oil from organic farming

To date, the production of “Filo” Extra Virgin Olive Oil ranges from 10 to 20 hl a year and takes place entirely in the farm oil mill, as indicated by LUCCA POD procedural guideline. It is an unfiltered oil of veiled appearance and golden hue with green reflections.
The bouquet: hints of herbaceous green and ripe olive almost conceal a faint scent of sweet almond. The taste: harmonious and round, it is livened up by a moderate spicy note. Due to its delicacy and excellent balance, it is suitable for dishes where oil flavour does not on the food: boiled and roasted fish, seafood salad, fish or meat carpaccio, salads, pinzimonio (raw vegetables with an oil dipping sauce) and bruschetta (toasted bread topped with oil).

Tomà Rosso - Indicazione Geografica Tipica, Organic Wine

Tomà Rosso is made from selected Sangiovese grapes, produced in our vineyards through organic farming. With a ruby red color, a pleasant and characteristic aroma, and a soft and balanced flavor, the wine goes well with grilled and delicate red meat. Perfect drinking temperature: 18 ° C. Bulk Sale

Tomà Vermentino - Indicazione Geografica Tipica, Organic Wine

Tomà Vermentino is made from selected Vermentino grapes produced in the freshest and ventilated vineyards of the farm. Grapes are vinified with modern oenological techniques, refined separately, part in steel and part in wood tanks, and then assembled. The wine has an intense straw yellow color, a characteristic fresh fruity aroma, a dry and consistent taste. It goes preferably with fish dishes. Perfect drinking temperature: 12 ° C. Bulk Sale